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Veraksa Nikolay


Gradually evolving and integrating his pioneering ideas into novel area in the context of his scientific school, Nikolay Veraksa also eagerly devotes his time to other scientific, educational and social activities and public work.

As an academic, professor Veraksa continues to care deeply about the psychological approach he originated, and still is actively involved in scholastic work, challenging and inspiring keen minds of not merely his students, but also of his colleagues, as he directs several research and scientific organizations.

Professor Veraksa is currently engaged in various projects, some of them are listed below, including the ones worked out in harness with bright, like-minded advocates of beneficial thinking.

Magazine "Preschool Education Today Theory and Practice"
Department of Psychology and Pedagogical Abilities in Research Institute of Preschool Education
Working with gifted preschoolers
“Key to Learning” Program
Educational program "From birth to school"
Annual International Conference «Early Childhood Care and Education»